Tiligent is your Intelligent Project Advisor

Integrate Advanced Expertise and Automation into your project, seamlessly!
In Project Management we trade-off all the time: between the big urgent issues and regular tasks like project status updates and forecasting or between one project delivery method and another.
Intelligent Project Services help you make those trade-offs and provide additional personal expertise, task automation and project support that integrate easily into your day-to-day activities, and remove overhead from your project.
Intelligent Project Services are based on Principle-based Project Leadership, which leverages more natural ways of how people think and work well together, not on mechanistic processes and techniques.  It is better to have people solve problems “in the moment” when they can and to use tools to augment the human capabilities, not replace them.
Intelligent Project Services give you the experience of seasoned project managers via human-moderated and compute-moderated methods, without having to onboard a person or sign up to an outsourcing contract.


Obtain confidential advice and counsel from veteran project managers

PM Wingman

An experienced PM to work side-by-side on things you need.

Updates & Reporting

Outsource your regular Status Updates, Analysis & Reporting

Project Operational Support

Have us perform any type of project activity that supports your project, ad-hoc or regular

Project Dashboards

Capture project operational data and inform your workspaces


Automate project tasks or data transformations to eliminate manual kludges


Monitor business and system events to generate notifications of important events and trends

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