TreeWiz Overview

TreeWiz Overview

TreeWiz is a Microsoft Excel ® Addin that allows you to perform outline functions and setup tree-based data structures using values and/or the structure of your data in “datagrids”.

Excel ® users set up their data in many ways, but the most powerful for data analysis is as a datagrid, defined as either ranges or tables (“List” objects). Datagrids enable other Excel capabilities such as PivotTables, PivotCharts and Queries.

Excel provides built-in capabilities for using outline structured data: node-level outline controls and a grouping area. But Excel provides only two methods for creating outlines and leveraging those controls:

  • Formula based “Auto outline”, and
  • Manual Group/Ungroup

These methods are helpful for specific application areas (e.g. financial analysis) but they don’t support text-based hierarchical data in any useful way. Examples of hierarchical data include:

  • Topic outlines
  • Category or Classification schema
  • Organisational structures
  • Requirements analysis
  • And so on.

This is where TreeWiz can help.

TreeWiz interprets the explicit or implied hierarchical structures present in many types of source data, including outline id’s, text indents, character pre-padding and column offsets. From this structure, TreeWiz sets the internal Excel outline level for each row or column, which activates the built-in Excel outline controls for easy navigation and information hiding/displaying.

The internal outline level establishes a data platform that enables you to perform other functions including build formulas that use the outline structure (e.g. create auto-outline id’s) and analyse outline data to determine the optimum structure for your datagrid.

Feature Summary

With TreeWiz you can:

  • Outline Grouping: interpret the outline structure of rows or columns based on their value, format or position and set the outline level of each row in the selection.
  • Remove Outline Grouping: remove any outline levels that have been set in a selection of rows or columns
  • Check the outline structure: detect any missing data from a defined outline structure
  • Analyse node frequency: for some data structures, such as delimited paths where the nodes have stand-alone meaning, perform a frequency analysis
  • Analyse Node frequency at levels: similar to Analyse node frequency but analyses the node values at each level at which they occur
  • Navigate the outline: expand and collapse the outline, or move between rows based on outline structure (coming soon)

We’re developing and releasing new features regularly.

Office Compatibility

TreeWiz should be compatible with all Windows versions of MS Office, 2007 through to present (2019).

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