Check Outline Structure

Source Data

This function analyses the values in a selected column or row to determine if there are missing values in the hierarchy. Only relevant for “Outline Id” and “Delimited Path”. Please refer to the section “Outline Structures in Excel Data” in the chapter “Concepts Behind TreeWiz” above for more information about outline levels in source data.

Key Steps

To check the outline structure using your table data, follow the steps below.

Step #

Step Detail


Select the column or row that contains the outline structure source data that you want to check.


Click on the “Check Outline Structure” button in the TreeWiz Ribbon Menu in the Tools section


Edit the parameters in the Parameters Form that is activated


Click on “OK’ to perform the function or “Cancel” to exit


The function will perform


Click on “Cancel” or the form close icon to close the form.



Table 17: Group by Column Offset Key Steps


The following dialog / form appears, containing the parameters required to check the outline structure using your table data.

Figure 33 – Group by Column Offset Parameters Form

The table below describes the parameters in more detail.

Table 18: Group by Column Offset Parameters Description Table

Property Name


Data Type

Function Parameters

Outline Type

Select the type of outline source data from the drop-down menu. Secondary inputs may be required after the outline type is selected. Please refer to the section on “Group By XXX” for information on the required parameters, where XXX is the type of grouping function indicated by the outline type, e.g. type “Outline Id” refers to section “Group by Outline Id”.

String (Drop down)

Source Range

Source Range Address

The source range for this function will be detected as the current active selection when the function is invoked.

The address is shown to the right of the Refresh button.

This source range can be changed after function invocation.



Click on the “Refresh” button to update the source selection.