Other hierarchical data structures

Also of interest, but not yet supported in TreeWiz are the following:

Parent/Child Id

This function groups rows or columns to create an outline structure using a selection of two columns or rows, based on a set of ids arranged as:

  • ID: a unique id that identifies each row
  • Parent ID: the unique id of the parent row for this row.

Here is a simple example of data using cell value indenting, before and after grouping by TreeWiz:

Parent/Child Id – Simple Example before TreeWiz Grouping

Parent/Child Id – Simple Example after TreeWiz Grouping

Note: Parent/Child Id outline grouping is not yet supported in TreeWiz but is planned for a future release. The images above have been manually mocked up for illustration purposes only.


This is already supported in Excel’s “Auto-Outline” feature. We mention it here for completeness and also to say that once Excel has completed the “Auto-Outline” function on your data, the resulting outline structure can be used by some functions in TreeWiz and also by some of the techniques that we cover on the product website support pages.