Delimited Path

A “delimited path” is very much like an outline id, with some key differences:

  1. The lobes can be any text literal, rather than limited to members of an ordered set.
  2. The delimited path frequently has a “root delimiter” that lets you know that this is the top of the tree.

Refer to Figure 4 below, which shows a Level 3 delimited path taken from a Wikipedia page: this one a summary of the category “Accounting” – it shows a page called “Bank reconciliation” and where it fits into an outline structure rooted on the category “Accounting”. Although “Accounting” is not at the top of the Wikipedia category hierarchy, for the context of the source table, Accounting is the top-level parent.

Delimited Path Elements

Delimited paths are common where the outline identifier needs to have some stand-alone meaning, i.e. when it is separate to any other data.

Here is a simple example of data with an outline level, before and after grouping by TreeWiz:

Delimited Path – Simple Example before TreeWiz Grouping

Delimited Path – Simple Example after TreeWiz Grouping