User Interface

Ribbon Menu

The TableWiz tab on the Excel Ribbon menu is shown in the below screenshot.

Figure 7 – From Table Function Input Parameters Form

These components are described in more detail in the table below.

Table 2: TableWiz Ribbon Menu components




From Meta

Activates the function to create a datagrid from an existing schema.

From Table

Activates the function to capture a schema from an existing datagrid.


Activates the settings form. At this time, the only setting is the default schema folder.


Activates the function to create a Table of Contents for all tables in the worksheet. This does not include range versions of datagrids


Activates the function to create a schema documentation table in a worksheet


Activates the About form that provides information about the Add-in

User Guide

Opens a web page that provides an index into the various support resources, including User Guides and other resources as well as access to additional support options.