From DT

Create Schema from DocTable (“From DT”)

In the previous function above (Create DocTable from Schema), you were able to create documentation tables for the schemas that you create. This function is the reverse: creating a schema using the information in the DocTable.

There are many reasons for having this function:

  1. It’s easier for many users to edit the schema data in a simple table instead of the complexities of an XML editor
  2. Excel provides many useful functions to help develop schemas, such as copying cell names or dragging down a cell name with a number to get multiple Columns such as Text 1, Text 2 etc. Once the table structure has been determined, you can copy the names and titles from a development table into the DocTable structure.

In effect, editing the table is just as critical to get the right values as it would be in editing the XML file.

Also note that in this function, cell values in the worksheet are used to determine some values of the new schema file.

Key Steps

To Create a schema from a DocTable, perform the following steps:

Step #

Step Detail


Check the source worksheet, both the attributes table and the header data – please refer to the Parameters section for more info.


Click on the “From DT” button in the TableWiz Menu bar.


If there is already a file by the name, either save to a new filename or cancel and adjust the source worksheet


TableWiz will generate the schema


You will see a success message showing where the file


Else, click in the X button to close the parameter form

Table 11: Create a Table of Contents Steps

If you want to save the file as a different name, the standard file selector dialog is shown.

Figure 24: Create Schema from DocTable Save As Dialog

Figure 25: Create Schema from DocTable Success Dialog Box


In the function Create Schema from DocTable, the input parameters are implied by the active worksheet/table.

TableWiz reads the information from the DocTable worksheet, including the Schema properties block above the column definitions table. In particular the filename is used to trigger the “existing file” check. If you want to completely replace the existing schema file, you can overwrite it. But you can change the output file by:

  1. Editing the “Schema Filename” in the DocTable (see screenshot below)
  2. Changing the filename in the File Save Dialog box (see Figure x)

Figure 26: DocTable Schema Filename

Figure 27: Create Schema from DocTable Filename Exists Check Dialog


The results of the “Create Schema from DocTable function is a new schema file saved to disk, containing the attribute values as defined in the DocTable.