Check Refs

This function reports on all the references that can be identified in the source worksheet. Where possible these references are validated.

References include:

  • User defined range names
  • Table names
  • Worksheet names in external references

Locations for references can be:

  • Cell formulas
  • Validation formulas
  • Conditional Formatting rules
  • union ranges for Formulas : if there are equivalent formulas in cells T7, T8, T9. T10 the code will produce a range T7:T10 (helpful when we have a Table with hundreds of rows)

The “Check Refs” function:

  1. Operates on a specific table or range, as selected in the parameters form
  2. scans all places where references are possible, including Formulas and Validation
  3. checks Names, Worksheet references and Table names to determine if they are present in the source workbook
  4. produces a report showing all the references and their sources. TableWiz also checks if those references are valid in the target worksheet/workbook.