How Service Requests Work

This page describes the operation of a Service Request type service, and defines a number of key terms (in bold and defined in the table below) that are used operationally and also in the Conditions & Terms of Use. A Tiligent Intelligent Service that is based on Service Requests (Service Task Request) is one that primarily responds to your requests for us to do work on your behalf.  

At its simplest it operates like this: You send us the request, we do the work and return it to you (nominally) within a defined time period.

Obviously there’s a bit more to it than that, and so we’ve got a bit more information in this post.  Also please refer to the Service Task Management definitions page.

  1. We provide an online service request manager on our website, and this is the accepted method for submitting new requests and tracking the progress of existing requests.
  2. tiligent reviews these requests (Service Task Request Review) to make sure that we understand the work required, and that we have all the prerequisites.
  3. We then assign the work to one of our PM Consultants, and they begin working on your Service Task
  4. When you Service Task is complete, we post the information back to you.  Where and how the information is delivered depends on the nature of the service and your preferences.  Some preferences can be established early in the Service Subscription, e.g. we may decide to create a wiki page for the service, or use Slack for storing files, or some other mechanism like Google Drive.  This is normally part of the startup process, which is described in the Product Definition for each service.
  5. The way in which data is stored can be changed at any time.  Just (I’m sure you guessed) submit a Service Task Request via our online centre and we’ll be happy to take care of that for you.
  6. If there is some ad-hoc way in which work outputs should be delivered, these can be specified in the Service Task Request itself.

if there is any more information that you need, or have unanswered questions, please Contact Us.