Intelligent Software Products

Tiligent offers a small but growing set of software products aimed at the project management domain, but which are also applicable in other domains.  Please check out the products below.


TableWiz is a Microsoft Excel ® Addin that allows you to capture the structure and layout of tabular data grids (ranges and tables). You can then create them automatically in new worksheets. This removes human error from new worksheet creation and prevents “bloat” from multiple “copy-pasta” operations and the cascade of errors and local optimisations in one project to the next one.


TreeWiz is a Microsoft Excel ® Addin that allows you interpret the explicit or implied hierarchical structures present in many types of source data, including outline id’s, text indents, character pre-padding and column offsets. From this structure you can set the standard Excel outline controls for easy navigation and information hiding/displaying. This structure allows you to analyse outline data to determine the optimum structure for your data.