Intelligent Project Mentoring

Below are all the details of the Intelligent Project Mentoring Service.  Sign up and start boosting your Project Management presence! Make people take notice and give you the respect and assignments you deserve.

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  • Designed to help Project Managers increase their effectiveness and job satisfaction
  • The client PM has regular sessions with a seasoned and highly-skilled PM Consultant (your Mentor)
  • Your Mentor will act as a pro-active sounding board on professional matters, with little or no topic off limits.
  • Guided self-reflection together with progressive, self-directed knowledge and skill building are the core mechanisms that your Mentor will use
  • Discussions are via interactive via web channels.  Face to face can be arranged if desired (obvious constraints apply).
  • Can be augmented by additional online information resources
     By engaging with this service, the client PM (Mentee) will:
  • Understand your current project manager context and future directions more completely and objectively
  • Have a stronger sense of direction for prosecuting the PM role
  • Build a stronger “moral compass” to guide the PM through difficult situations
  • Enjoy greater personal confidence based on better knowledge and validation of strategies
  • Display increased confidence in your thoughts and actions as a PM
  • Provided to a named individual for the period of the subscription. This service is not related to any specific project, job role, company or location. 
  • Delivered by periodic Mentoring Sessions that follow an evolving Mentoring plan that is built through the interaction process.
  • Mentoring Sessions are augmented by interactive chat on an ad-hoc basis to deal with mentoring issues that need to be addressed between sessions.
  • Additional options such as a personal Wiki page and/or content library access can be arranged, if desired.
  • progressively shapes the interaction down the path of most value to the Mentee. 
  • We’ll help you assess your situation, resolve any dilemmas, find and recommend learning resources (if needed), and grow towards the direction(s) of interest
  • Additional options such as a personal Wiki page and/or content library access can be arranged, if desired.
  • Ultimately the two approaches converge, but the JIT type approach reduces stress and dissonance and gets better results in the available time: results that are more likely to persist.
Problem Drivers:
     Client PM’s should consider this service if:
  • You are trying to figure out your footing and direction as a PM: where am I and where am I going? 
  • You are asking yourself: do I like this size/shape of project and should do more, or should I reach up for bigger and more exciting projects?
  • Should I stay or go: the eternal question of people who are working on challenging roles: should I persevere with this or make a strategic withdrawal or find some other option
  • Helping work out what’s important and what’s not
  • Having someone you can trust to help you figure out “what’s next”.
  • Role hunting strategies and assistance.
Defined Activities
  • participate in Mentoring Sessions of weekly frequency or less (i.e. longer periods between sessions)
  • participate in ad-hoc discussions via the Chat channel to deal with issues that cannot wait
How it works:
  • Setup Stage
    • Set up periodic discussion schedule and communications method
    • Set up the meeting on an agreed collaboration channel, Google Hangouts preferred but others are acceptable like Skype
    • Set up interactive chat channel (Slack is preferred, but others are acceptbale)
    • Set up personal wiki page (if required)
    • Set up content library access (if required)
  • Operational Stage
    • Schedule the meetings.  sessions can be fixed schedule or set “meeting to meeting” depending on your schedule patterns
    • Participate in the sessions: the Mentor and Mentee meet on the collaboration channel
    • Participate in ad-hoc discussions: these are typically Mentee initiated, if situations arise that need to be addressed between Mentoring Sessions.
  • Mentoring Sessions
    • The mentoring plan is starts as an event-driven and guided experience that picks up information from the get-go
    • we don’t ask the Mentee to fill in detailed forms or questionnaires or provide opinions that they are probably not ready to give
    • Unlike ordinary mentoring or coaching products, which ask the Mentee to fill in ,
    • Mentoring Sessions are set up at around 2-4 times per month, according to need and schedule availability.
    • The Mentoring Sessions discuss topics of interest to the Mentee (the project manager working with the Mentor).  
    • In the absence of specific issues or topics identified by the Mentee, the Mentor will raise topics that s/he believes shapes the discussion in a way that adds value to the Mentee and their current or future professional context.

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