Intelligent Project Services

Tiligent project services are “intelligent” because they are adaptable to your environment and situation. They are not grounded in a single methodology or school of project management but focused on the outcomes you need to achieve.  Please Contact Us for additional information.

Intelligent Project Management MasterClass

Instead of learning processes by rote, or struggling along in a sea of project chaos, you can benefit from my 30 years of hands-on project management experience, I will outline the set of principles and simple techniques that I have used over many years to deliver projects effectively.

You can achieve a big uplift of your practical PM skills by learning what not to do and what to ignore, as much as perspectives and techniques to take to your projects.

What would project management look like if it was easy?  Find out by being a part of this great experience.

Project Managers achieve a significant uplift and rebalancing of their skills, which in turn will increase their project delivery impact and effectiveness

Intelligent Project Mentoring

Increase PM effectiveness & job satisfaction through regular sessions with a seasoned and highly-skilled PM Consultant (your Mentor).  Understand your current work situation and future directions from your Mentor. Receive personalised advice and coaching from your Mentor on any aspect of your project management professional context.

Have regular sessions via interactive via web channels with a seasoned and highly-skilled PM Consultant (your Mentor), who acts as a pro-active sounding board on professional matters, with little or no topic off limits.  Your Mentor facilitates guided self-reflection together with progressive, self-directed knowledge and skill building.

Intelligent PM Wingman

Your PM Wingman has “got your back” as you manage your project. Your PM Wingman is a a highly experienced project manager who can provide you with project-specific advice, assistance and PM task support activities.  Your PM Wingman works as a close observer of events and provides guidance on your approach, strategy and tactics.  This is like having a co-PM who can answer questions as you go and help you make the right choices to create a successful project. Your PM Wingman will ramp up on your project circumstances and can give rapid responses to ad-hoc questions based on his or her seasoned experience..

Your PM Wingman is available via high-performance chat channel, such as Slack, and video/audio hangouts as requested.