Tablewiz MS Excel Addin


Keep control of table structure and layout.

Excel ® users set up their data in many ways, but the most powerful is dense data grids, defined as either ranges or tables (“List” objects). TableWiz allows users to standardise the setup of data grids for repeatable use of table logic, over and over.

  • Capture details of data grids in Excel ® worksheets, including column headers, format, formulas, validation (coming soon), and format (coming soon).
  • Capture and create multiple views of data grids
  • Create the standard version of a data grid (range or Excel table) from saved grid “metadata”
  • Create a multi-worksheet workbook in one function / action / step
  • Edit the metadata in a text editor, in an Excel workbook, or in the visual editor (coming soon)

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TableWiz is a Microsoft Excel ® Addin that allows you to capture the structure and layout of tabular data grids (ranges and tables). You can then create them automatically in new worksheets. This removes human error from new worksheet creation and prevents “bloat” from multiple “copy-pasta” operations and the cascade of errors and local optimisations in one project to the next one.


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