With this service, you can activate tiligent.com to perform a defined set of project status update tasks, analysis and reporting over an agreed cycle, e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Even if the reporting cycle is longer than 1 week, tiligent will still monitor any updates that occur during each week, we just won’t hassle people for their updates.  

These service tasks cover the capture, consolidation and analysis of information and the information reporting and distribution (if desired) on an agreed cyclical basis.   Tiligent.com provides you with a defined set of deliverables each period, together with information on reporting compliance.  The deliverables include standard PM tables like issue and risks status and an updated schedule all based on inputs from your project team.

Essentially we are working on your project baseline operating data, and helping you keep it fresh.  You also benefit from enhanced analyses and reporting, such as a project progress dashboard and longitudinal schedule performance, such as slips and gains.  

We’ll have some examples posted soon, so stay tuned.

This means you can both increase the reliability and value of regular status update and reporting functions, and free up internal resources that are performing repetitive, transaction-oriented or periodic tasks that weigh down your team’s calendar or distract them from the real work at hand.