Imagine if all your project management information processes and software tools worked exactly the way the ads said they would?  Imagine if everyone on your project team wasn’t so bloody busy and you had time to iteratively improve your performance base?  Imagine if your IT team didn’t have a conniption every time you wanted to get some data from one of the enterprise systems?    

Then you would be able to get everything done that is expected, wouldn’t you?  And you would have a history of past improvements, and a pathway to more improvements in the future?

Imagine having all the data you needed to run your project at your fingertips? Or being able to rapidly spin up a process if something unexpected happened and you needed to collect or distribute non-standard data for a short while? Normally it would take just as long to get a person onboard to start as the need is in progress.  Sometimes its a simple report or a quick API call, but you don’t have technical reasons or available time to get them done.

Imagine never having to say or hear the usual excuses:

  • “I don’t have that information available…”
  • “Sorry, that report had the wrong week’s data in it…”
  • “I didn’t get to that task…”
  • “I forgot to send that out…”
  • “It would take too long to get that info…”
  • “I forgot about xxx…”
  • “That fell between the cracks…”
  • “Oh Darn, I made a formula error in that spreadsheet…”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get these little tasks done quickly and cheaply, and the people helping you had detailed knowledge of both project management and technology enablers?  Understood business demands and the delivery side? What if the services were constructed so that there was no incentive for the tasks to become bloated and over-scoped? just someone who gets in, understands the task and just does it?

This is where Tiligent comes in, with our Intelligent Project Automation service

Tiligent can automate the repetitive tasks or data transformations that your project needs, but are either manually done, done by some semi-manual kludge, nor not done at all due to the impact on your project team.  Efficient project information management is vital to project success, and yet many projects miss out because they can’t afford, or don’t know how, to implement a task or process easily. will automate the execution of processes, transformations or functions within your project, and make the data available for you.   With both human and software-mediated automations, Tiligent protects you from the detail and just delivers you the outcomes. “Automation” may range from fully automated imports of data from one system to another, through to ad-hoc setup of forms and data capture from stakeholders, through to fully human-mediated tasks such as schedule quality assessment.

Tiligent uses a combination of commercially available and custom software, such as Zapier, IFTTT and Klipfolio to capture, transform and save data.  Where needed, Tiligent can implement custom transformations by arrangement.

For our kickoff, please see the set of apps and technologies that we are supported from now, and where we might be headed.

For a practically unlimited set of automations for most sized projects, and with no predefined set of source or destinations (depends on software and/or services used), Tligent can substantially enhance your project.