this is one of the pages describing the enabling apps and technologies that we use in delivering our Intelligent Project Services.

the post is a bit of a work in progress as we spend more time using existing apps and reviewing new ones, but we’ll update it when we can.

Supported Integration Products and Endpoint Apps:

Supported Out of the Box:

  • Evernote: the best integrated information app.  the app I wish I’d written
  • Slack: massively addictive and high-performance collaboration
  • Trello: the simplest of concepts for planning and organisation, but with big results and outcomes
  • Zapier: plug and play multi-step automated processes.  we use this extensively
  • IFTTT: similar to Zapier but with many different integrations.
  • Klipfolio: the optimal mix of price, ease of use and functionality for impactful dashboards
  • Tableau: high-end analytics and visualisations
  • Google Products: Drive, Docs & Sheets and the rest: they work and work collaboratively.  removes just about all the objections of using excel
  • Typeform: forms and more forms. wizard-like approach to capturing user data
  • WordPress: quick and easy hosting option.  many plugins that we use for wiki’s, forums and so forth.
  • MySql: simple persistence and queries
  • AWS: various products for specific purposes.
* Zapier Integrations supported within the subscription: non-coding or deep technical integrations, i.e. excluding webhooks, email parse and formatter built-in Zapier endpoints.
* Other listed Zapier apps and direct integrations may require subscriber to provide access to the app and/or a learning period.

Documentation and Scheduling Tools:

  • MS Office Products
  • MS Project
  • TomsPlanner
  • Office Timeline (Powerpoint)

Custom Development (excluded from subscription – available for other projects):

  • Zapier or other App integrations via Webhooks
  • Python coding

 Future Apps and Platforms:

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Other Forms products
  • Other Dashboards
  • Twilio
  • Office365
  • Yammer
Note: no guarantee is given for these apps to be introduced in the future, and no timeline is given or implied for when this may happen