Do you see your project problem anywhere here?

How we go about automating process steps, repeating tasks or data transforms will depend on the precise needs of your project, and the IT and networking environment.

However, there are endless use-case examples that may be appropriate your your project, or that may stimulate ideas more applicable to your needs.

Please Contact Us if there are any questions, or to discuss your potential automation ideas.


Use Case Examples and Ideas

  • Set up a panel of alpha or beta testers by throwing up an ad-hoc form, capturing signups, application loads, comments and more
  • Generate a daily email containing project stats and/or a countdown, e.g. # jira’s closed.  #jira’s opened, #jira’s edited, milestones achieved, milestones postponed
  • Create a simple dashboard displaying status data from your project apps, e.g. #jira’s closed.  #jira’s opened, #jira’s edited, milestones achieved, milestones postponed
  • Aggregate KPI’s from different platforms into one coherent summary for report or email distribution
  • Provide notification by SMS or email when key events occur in Jira, e.g. jira closed; jira opened; jira edited.
  • Add key app events to slack for notification event stream, such as occur in Jira, e.g. jira closed; jira opened; jira edited.
  • Notify a team member or an approaching deadline on a task, issue or risk via email or SMS
  • Generate task-specific reminders when certain events are about to commence (or the day prior)
  • Remind team members of impending close of input on designs, or completion of review of documentation, or feedback on NFR’s or any other event
  • Collect and assess feedback on alternative designs using a simple form
  • Create a distributed change management process without investing megabucks in a new platform, or issue reporting
  • Create a checklist in say, Trello, that manages a change request process from end-to-end, depending on change type
  • Allow various stakeholders to advise you of status via email, slack, jira, confluence or many other apps
  • Notify stakeholders when their Jira stories are assigned to a sprint, or when they change status to in progress or completed
  • Monitor a mailbox for project statuses submitted by team members, vendors etc
  • Monitor dropbox or gdrive folder for new files that are saved there
  • Create a Project Activity feed by posting events from just about any app to a Slack channel
  • Create tasks and todo’s in various apps by sending an email to a dedicated mailbox (or even just a filtered forwarding)
  • Create tasks and todo’s in various apps by using a filtered forwarding from your email inbox
  • Allow attendance confirmation to important internal meetings via online form instead of email invite acceptance
  • Track site up/down time, e.g. during any testing phase
  • Create a document repository by capturing files from anyone
  • Save email attachements to a storage service (GDrive or DropBox) as part of a document repository – also save titles to a google sheets page and post these to Confluence page
  • Capture time on any project automatically, based on use of apps or time spent within various apps
  • Create a time/activity framework by monitoring access to files, websites, git events etc
  • Track time spent on projects
  • Push spreadsheet data to a dashboard tool
  • Push todo items to your preferred todo list
  • Notify updates to websites or other posts to multiple stakeholders via multiple channels
  • Easily capture registrants to events, waiting lists, event notification subscriptions
  • Save registrants to eventbrite events to local mailing lists
  • Notify stakeholders by email of github commits and deployments
  • Post project activity to a dashboard timeline
  • Help your team build habits and process knowledge
  • Set up a dedicated user site for severe problem situations, e.g. when a new site is impaired by a release. set up a problem reporting form, progress notifications and status updates to registered users without implementing a new website.