The genesis of tiligent came when I was doing some work on the set up of a lean product development capability at a Sydney-based Telco.

I did a fairly large amount of research into how we could make use of technical resources on short notice and for irregular periods without committing to a large outsourcing or PS engagement with one or more agencies.

I started thinking about two things:

  1. the number of contractors, consultants, moonlighters and other part-time workers, participating in what hadn’t yet been called the “gig economy”
  2. the massive overheads that enterprise puts upon itself with respect to on-boarding individuals or organisations to provide services.

we wanted to be able to put someone to work with little or no notice, to work on some key next step of the product’s evolution.  how could we do that if we had to sign SOW’s, put in place insurance, find them a desk and so forth, all to protect against 1 basic risk: that the person wouldn’t be right for the job.

in a gig economy, the remedy for incompetence is to terminate and move on.

this idea percolated around for a while and ended up with this service model and the website.

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