Are There Any Contracts?

Not as such.  When you sign up for one or more of our services, you are agreeing to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the service that is described in the Product Definition.

You can cancel at any time.  Please refer to our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

Can I Share My Account With Others?


But I Really Need A <fill in the noun>

the services are designed quite specifically to dovetail into a standard Project Management task, process or skillset.

As such the deiliverables are quite specific to the service design.

Therefore even if you <noun> is really important, if it doesn’t fit the product objective as defined in the Product Definition, then we cannot accept the Service Request.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

By contacting us via the Service Request Centre.  There is a specific Service Request for service cancellations.

Please also refer to our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

How Does

How Exactly Do You Define A Service Period?

the Service Period is the time from when a Service Task is commenced by a consultant, until the time that the work is submitted back to you.

The service period is useful only in the context of Task Concurrency, i.e. the number of Service Tasks that can be in progress for your service at any given time.

Please refer to the Product Definition for each service to get more information

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Request Or Revision?

There is no guarantee of a maximum amount of time that it will take to complete a Service Task Request.  

Tiligent does provide a guideline as to the approximate amount of work and elapsed time for Service Tasks to be completed for each different service type.

These are defined in the Product Definition for each service.

In general, will complete the request as soon as practicable.  We prosper only if you are sustainably happy with the service, and we want to get these done as soon as we can to make sure the service adds value to you.  It makes no sense to artificially delay the completion of any task.

If we know that a Service Task is going to take longer than we expect, or the expected completion time set out in the Product Definition, we’ll try to estimate that after we’ve completed the Service Task Request Review.  

How Many Brands Can Use One Account?

The account is for a named individual person, and we do not support sharing of the account between multiple people

the services are defined for consumption by one individual person, or one individual project team.  To keep our overheads low, the team needs to identify the named individual who will make requests for the team.

This is to ensure that the named individual knows what is happening, has familiarity with the service, and has the history.  Of course, if people are sick or leave the team or company, you can do a swapover, or even have one person temporarily stand in for the named individual.  just let us know so we understand that there may be a change in the interaction dynamics.

How Many Requests Can You Complete In A Service Period?

In most cases one, but we are designing additional services that offer more

How Many Revisions Do I Get?

The Service Task, when complete, is delivered to the recipient “as is”.  We of course will fix any errors or defects in the deliverables that have been caused by us, and we will act reasonably if there is a dispute about fault.  But the simplest solution is just to submit a new task request to get some new work done.

Of course, if you have a different or new requirement, or want enhancements, then please submit a new Service Task Request.

What Does Flat-Rate Mean?

Flat-Rate means that you pay only 1 single fee per month to get the services that are defined in the Product Definition

What Happens If I Send 100 Requests In A Day?

We’d say “awesome!” this person is on the boil.  But we would process them in line with the Service Concurrency Limit, which is the maximum number of tasks that we can have in progress for you at any one time.  Currently that Concurrency Limit is one (1) for all services.

What Is A Service Task Request? What Can I Request?

Who Is The Service For?

the service is designed to be delivered to a single individual or a single small-to-medium project team, typically less than 20-30 people, although the team size limit isn’t fixed. What is fixed is the time constraints that are wrapped into the Service Task definition.

Our “assistance” services, like Mentoring, Coaching or PM Wingman are designed to be delivered to one individual, and would suffer if more were involved, so we keep it fixed at that number.

Our team projects are delivered via  a single named individual, who can help modulate the work and ensure the requests are within the Service Definition guidelines. 

Who Owns The Work? Is It Original?

In general the work done for you is your work since it is done with your data.

If we provide you with an original document or something else that is our Intellectual Property, then we will advise you up-front.  Anything that is our IP remains our IP even if it provided to you as part of the work delivery