We understand that there can be some trepidation or doubt about signing up for a new service, particularly from a small boutique consultancy.  That’s why we designed our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and our Refund Policy, and built it into our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee (CSG)

The Customer Satisfaction Guarantee enables you to obtain a refund of 100% of your first month’s subscription fees, if you meet certain basic conditions of your use of the product.

The Customer Satisfaction Guarantee covers the first month’s payment made at signup.  We consider this the period of greatest risk, because we haven’t worked together before, and this is the time where expectations are most likely to be different.  We think it’s a small probability but a risk nonetheless.

For more information, please see the full details of the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Cancel after the CSG Expires?

There are no fixed subscription terms, so you can cancel at any time that makes sense to you.

We will always refund you the current month’s fees, pro-rated from the date that the current subscription period commenced and the date you requested the cancellation.