Your PM Wingman is a helps you run your project in a supportive and value-adding relationship with yourself as the Project Manager. Your PM Wingman is a seasoned project manager, often with decades of experience in projects similar to your own.  She or he will understand your situation very quickly, and be able to slot themselves at your shoulder, or right hand.  

This is like having a co-PM who can answer questions as you go and help you make the right choices to create a successful project.

Your PM Wingman both responds to your requests, as well as pro-actively suggesting actions or approaches to evolving project situations.  This is enabled because your PM Wingman operates as a loosely-coupled observer of project events via existing project channels such as Slack, Video or Voice calls, and perhaps even email.  Obviously how close the PM Wingman gets to you and your project is dependent upon time constraints and available collaboration tools, but with the experience and project knowledge that the PM Wingman possesses, a little information often can go a long way.

The information may simply come from reading reports from various teams, and reviewing the issues, risks and project schedules of the project.  You and your PM Wingman will work this out in the kickoff or onboarding session at the beginning of the service.

Based on the information coming via these various channels, he or she will raised concerns, suggest scenarios and provide guidance on your approach, strategy and tactics.  The PM WIngman will provide you with project-specific advice, assistance and PM task support activities.    Having ramped up on your project circumstances, she or he can give you rapid responses to ad-hoc questions based on his or her seasoned experience.

Obviously there are many ways to slice and dice such a relationship, and it’s very important that you and your PM Wingman work out some basic “rules of the road” during the kickoff session and early stages of working together.

Your collaboration directly with your PM Wingman is available via high-performance chat channel, such as Slack, and video/audio hangouts as requested.

Don’t worry, your PM Wingman has “got your back” as you manage your project.