Increase your PM effectiveness & job satisfaction through regular sessions with a seasoned and highly-skilled PM Consultant (your Mentor).  Understand your current work situation and future directions from your Mentor. Receive personalised advice and coaching from your Mentor on any aspect of your project management professional context.

Have regular sessions via interactive via web channels with a seasoned and highly-skilled PM Consultant (your Mentor), who acts as a pro-active sounding board on professional matters, with little or no topic off limits.  Your Mentor facilitates guided self-reflection together with progressive, self-directed knowledge and skill building.

The most important thing to remember about this service offer is that it is for you as an individual who is, or is aspiring to be, a Project Management professional.  It’s not for your employer and its not for any of your projects.  The focus is on you and how you can get better, more effective, less stressed, better training, or whatever else you want to improve or optimise.

The second thing to remember is that the mentoring is completely agnostic to methodology, development practice, fad, technology, project management platform or “silver bullet”.  We focus on what you want to get out of the mentoring sessions. 

And lastly, it is an action-oriented mentoring process, meaning that we don’t spend a lot of time getting you to answer questionnaires about “what you’ve been doing” or “where do you want to be in five years” or doing any personality type assessments or whatever, at least we don’t start with that process, which is common to most coaching or mentoring services.  Of course we’re going to ask some questions, and we have a core set that we’re going to want the answers to at some point.  But we start with discussions on topics of interest to you, and your mentor will use that interaction to pick up information about you, and start to feed that back into the dialog.

The reason for this is that many people aren’t ready to answer 20 questions when they are in the middle of a project or soon after one has finished: their perceptions are shaped by their current experience and any answers to formal questions will be very different after you’ve started the mentoring process and have had some time for reflection and discussion.

This process is very personalised, and depends on building a dialog with your Mentor.  The only real way to see if it works is to try it.